Burn time: approx. 25 hours

Wax height: 5.0 cm

Weight of wax: 132 g e

Wax type: Soy

Originating from the mystical country of Yemen, Coffee is now grown all over the world and made from beautiful Coffee beans. The beans come from coffee bean plants which are a type of shrub. Most coffee plants have rich dark green and waxy leaves. The closest scent to a strong black, freshly brewed coffee in a fragrance, with top notes of butter cream, almond; base notes of vanilla bean and sugar cane. Coffee is rich in heterocyclic compounds, which assist our mind and influences the flavour and scent of the substance. The human mind loves the coffee fragrance as it triggers many scent receptors inside us. The sheer scent of coffee elates the mind, trigging good feelings, the comfort homely feel and wakefulness. For coffee lovers around the world when the scent of coffee reaches the senses it signals the brain that, indeed caffeine is on the way. Giving us the beautiful feeling of wakefulness and stimulation to the mind, body and soul. A scent which is simply delicious.